I'm sure you are asking how you can help this project.

Well, there are a number of ways.

1) If you should feel like it, you could just donate some bitcoins.. That'd be grand thanks. Not that I would ever know who sent them but anyway. 1F3A7kNthkstLTcobHNwH5yo8TCdUab463

2) Sign up to the mailing list. The more people on it, the more we know that people are interested in the device. Sounds obvious I know but it's one of the best measures we have so far

3a) Contribute to the code.. We have literally 100s of things on the roadmap so if you can do python / jython / html / javascript or linux sys admin stuff, then please get in touch.

3b) Contribute to this site.. I would really rather be coding don't you know...

4) In an experiment to see if counterparty type stuff works .. I am selling 20 x lifetime access to all bitcoin wifi hotspots for the knockdown price of just 0.2 BTC each. So.. what this is is a token that will enable you to log in for free to all co-operating hotspots*. I'm only going to sell 20 at this price and I'm doing it to see if there really is huge demand or just a teeny one. Go over to and get yourself one of those tokens. They will be fully refundable until the point we have distributed 1000 hotspots as well .. so you don't have anything to lose (I guess you have to trust us .. but anyway).

5) If you want to be one of the partner websites that will feature on the hotspot registration page, get in touch. We have space for just a few more.

6) Want to invest? If the deal sounds good we may be interested. Preferably tech savvy only at this stage though :-/

7) Spread the word. Tell your friends. Get them to sign up.

* Acceptable use policy (sorry) will apply.